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Immuna-Santé Ingredients

Immuna Santé is a product considered a "natural vaccine" that offers a safe and effective way to enjoy good health and physical well-being. Immuna Santé acquired its name from the word "immunity" which comes from the Latin "immunitas" meaning "free of charge" and, therefore, in the case of health, free from disease.

The immune system defends against pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc. The previously mentioned pathogens can weaken the immune system but are not the only ones. Pollution, free radicals, poor diet, stress, fatigue, etc. are all things that can negatively affect the immune system.

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Cervital A Ingredients

Cervital-A is a product formulated with natural extracts that acts on mental activity and mood, specially designed to improve the state of mental alertness and the psychological well-being of the individual. Depending on our lifestyle many factors are likely to cause stress and affect our mental health.

In a society where the demand for performance is high, the effort to stay calm and focused becomes more difficult, as the brain becomes exhausted faster. An overload of mental fatigue can lead to irritability, anxiety, headaches, compulsive behavior, memory loss, depression, dizziness and insomnia to name a few.

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Triomphe Ingredients

Considered "the elixir of youth and well-being" by women who have taken Triomphe, this product is a natural hormone designed for people in perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause. Phytohormones (phytoestrogen) are naturally active compounds that come from plants. Phytoestrogen is not a nutrient but a micro plant constituent. Once ingested, they act in the body similarly to the natural hormones estrogen. For this reason, they are called phytoestrogens. Although their effect is slower than synthetic estrogens, it remains as effective.

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Prometheus Ingredients

Prometheus is a molecularly optimized complex, Health Canada approved (NPN 80066475) and patent pending. It contains an ideal combination, rich in active ingredients and provides a vast number of precursor nutrients for regeneration at all levels.

Throughout our lives, our body is subject to the onslaught of time. Over the years, from adulthood, our muscle mass and strength will decrease, and bone loss will reduce the mechanical strength of the bone. Tendons and ligaments will repair themselves more slowly, the skin, constantly attacked by the oxidative processes of free radicals, will gradually lose its elasticity as its network of elastin and collagen fibers will deteriorate.

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Karden Ingredients

Karden is a natural health product that provides medium to long term cardiovascular protection. Its effects are not immediate or drastic, but slow and lasting. Karden, with its main component, Crategus monogyna extract 2.2% flavonoids is unanimously recognized for its beneficial effects on the heart and circulation in general. Vasodilator, it acts on the coronary artery, which increases the blood supply to the heart muscle, therefore its oxygenation, nutrition and activity. Karden has a diuretic effect, it eliminates fluid retention, thereby lowering hypertension. High blood pressure cannot be cured, but it can be controlled, this means that treatments in this case must bring the numbers back to a normal level of 120/80 and below.

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Morpheus Ingredients

Morpheus is a product that helps treat any sleep-related disorder. Disorders such as insomnia and nightmares are irradiated thanks to the product. Sleep disturbances result in a night that is neither restful nor restorative. Sleep has a "battery recharging" effect on the human body, we feel invigorated and a good night's sleep translates into a greater ability to be active during the day. Many studies have proven the need for a good night's sleep on the body as well as the harmful effects of a lack of restorative sleep. It is to deal with these problems that we created Morpheus.

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Seren Ingredients

Seren is a product that has been specially created to provide a safe and effective way to enjoy intellectual well-being for people living in stressful situations, and to help them better adapt to everyday situations. This formula also helps promote relaxation for an uninterrupted night's restful sleep.

Our modern lifestyle is a major contributing factor to mental fatigue, sleep disorders (insomnia) and intellectual fatigue is increasingly present. 
Intellectual fatigue occurs at stressful times when the person is subject to a need to solve a problem and when the brain needs to remain calm, energetic and in good spirits. An overload of mental fatigue can lead to irritability, anxiety, headaches, dizziness, memory loss, depression, insomnia, lack of concentration and dizziness. It is to counter all these symptoms that we created Seren.

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Sily-M 80% Ingredients

SILY-M80% is a natural health product that provides liver protection for optimal liver health. The product contains the milk thistle seed extract of the flavonoids (silybin, silydian and silychristin) known as silymarin in 80% concentration.

The name Sily-M80% comes from Silybum marianum, the botanical name for the plant also known as Milk Thistle. This product is used to relieve the affections of the liver and the spleen, calms the pain, it facilitates intestinal transit by decongesting the gallbladder. It is also used to fight gallstones.

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Titanium2 Ingredients

Titanium is a product created out of our company's desire to reduce the need for conventional anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical agents by presenting a natural anti-inflammatory agent as a viable alternative to synthetic drugs (NSAIDs and coricoids). For this reason, we are pleased to offer Titanium, a product focused on quality and meeting the requirements of the Direction de Santé Naturelle.

Inflammation is a reaction of the tissues when they perceive no threat. It is an immune defense reaction of our body to an attack: infection, burn, allergy, etc. Inflammation can be acute or chronic. Biologically, there is an elevation of haptoglobin, ceruloplasmin, globulins and ferritin in the context of inflammation.

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