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Regenerator / Recuperator / Performance

INGREDIENTSActive ingredients per dose (60 doses per bottle)2.500g Hydrolyzed collagen1.000g L-carnitine0.500g L-lysine0.500g Ascorbic acid0.375g Glucosamine sulfate0.375g Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)0.250g Chondroitin sulfateNon-medicinal ingredients2 natural flavors possibleOrange or StrawberriesAB..
ABOUT THE WORK IT! COMBOWork it! is the combo for you, whether you are a professional athlete, just starting to work out, or preparing for a demanding physical activity. Prometheus is ideal for anyone exercising, and Immuna-Santé is the best natural product for improving your immunity system. Th..
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