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ABOUT THE SMOOTHEST OF DAYS TRIOThe Smoothest of Days trio allows relaxation during the most stressful times. It provides a capacity for higher mental endurance (concentration) and, finally, gets rid of insomnia, allowing for a good night’s sleep. This trio allows you to be your best, calm, focused ..
ABOUT THE WORK IT! COMBOWork it! is the combo for you, whether you are a professional athlete, just starting to work out, or preparing for a demanding physical activity. Prometheus is ideal for anyone exercising, and Immuna-Santé is the best natural product for improving your immunity system. Th..
ABOUT THE SILKY SKIN COMBOThe Silky Skin duo is perfect for healthy, youthful, and radiant skin. The antioxidant nature of this combo neutralizes free radicals from sources such as environmental pollution and the sun’s UV rays. The Silky Skin combo protects your skin from damage, preventing prema..
ABOUT THE GLOWING AND SERENE MENOPAUSE TRIOThe Glowing and Serene Menopause trio is suggested when your main menopausal symptoms are anxiety, hot flashes and sleep disturbances.  COMBINED BENEFITS OF SEREN TRIOMPHE AND MORPHEUSBy itself, Triomphe can eliminate hot flashes and mood swings..
ABOUT THE HEALTHY SWEETNESS COMBOThe Healthy Sweetness combo will help you keep the unwanted weight off by eliminating carb cravings and improving your physical performance during exercise. COMBINED BENEFITS OF PROMETHEUS AND SERENAmong many of Prometheus' benefits, it has the advantage of i..
ABOUT THE SILKY SKIN AT MENOPAUSE COMBOJust as the Silky Skin duo is perfect for healthy, youthful, and radiant skin, the Silky Skin at Menopause duo is meant to aid menopausal women to regain a firm, young-looking skin.COMBINED BENEFITS OF PROMETHEUS AND TRIOMPHEAmong many of Prometheus' benefits..
ABOUT THE MENOPAUSE COMPLETE KITThe Menopause Complete Kit is suggested when your menopausal symptoms are causing a high level of discomfort on a daily and nightly basis. For some women, menopausal symptoms can easily be handled with Triomphe alone. The Menopause Complete Kit is suggested for tho..
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