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INGREDIENTSActive ingredient per dose (50 doses per bag) 1.0g Beta Glucan1.5g ChicoryNon-medicinal ingredientsSteviaCoffee flavorABOUT GLUCHO-CONTROLGlucho-Control stands as an essential health ally, harnessing the potent benefits of beta-glucan and chicory. This dynamic pair works to regulate ..
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INGREDIENTSActive ingredient per capsule57.4mg Echinacea purpurea200mg PropolisNon-medicinal ingredientsN-acetyl-L-cysteineHypromelloseABOUT IMMUNA SANTÉImmuna Santé is a product considered a “natural vaccine” that defends against pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and parasites. It can treat an..
INGREDIENTSActive ingredient per capsule250mg Gingko BilobaNon-medicinal ingredientsHibiscus flower extractGelatinABOUT CERVITAL ACervital A has been specially designed to improve mental alertness and mood. It improves the state of alertness and psychological well-being in addition to maintaining co..
INGREDIENTS Active ingredient per capsule300mg Soy Isoflavone Extract150mg Humulus Lupulus Non-medicinal ingredientsHibiscus flower extractGelatin ABOUT TRIOMPHE Considered "the elixir of youth" by those who have taken Triomphe, the product was created to balance the hormonal imbalanc..
INGREDIENTSActive ingredient per capsule150mg Crataegus monogyna 2.2% flavonoids50 mg Magnesium CitrateNon-medicinal ingredientsHibiscus flower extractGelatinABOUT KARDENKarden offers medium and long-term cardiovascular protection, its effects are slow but lasting. The synergy of its components make..
INGREDIENTSActive ingredients per capsule470mg Eschscholzia CalifornicaNon-medicinal ingredientsGelatinMagnesium stearateABOUT MORPHEUSMorpheus succeeded effectively and without side effects in promoting sleep and treating nightmares. It also relieves anxiety, treats cramps with its mild pain-reliev..
INGREDIENTSActive ingredients per dose (60 doses per bottle)2.500g Hydrolyzed collagen1.000g L-carnitine0.500g L-lysine0.500g Ascorbic acid0.375g Glucosamine sulfate0.375g Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)0.250g Chondroitin sulfateNon-medicinal ingredients2 natural flavors possibleOrange or StrawberriesAB..
INGREDIENTSActive ingredient per capsule100mg 5 HTP (Griffonia Simplicifolia)360mg Soy LecithinNon-medicinal ingredientsHypromelloseMagnesium stearateABOUT SERENSeren has been designed for people living in stressful and/or anxiety-provoking situations to enable them to better adapt to daily situatio..
INGREDIENTSActive ingredient per capsule250mg Milk Thistle (Silymarin 80%) Non-medicinal ingredientsHypromelloseMagnesium stearateABOUT SILY-M80%Sily-M80% can regenerate damaged liver tissues and protect this organ against the effects of natural and synthetic toxins (fungus, alcohol, drugs, etc..
INGREDIENTSActive ingredient per capsule165mg Alpha-lipoic Acid165mg BoswelliaNon-medicinal ingredientsMagnesium stearateHypromelloseABOUT TITANIUMTitanium is a product created from our company's desire to reduce the need for conventional anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical agents by presenting a natu..
ABOUT THE SMOOTHEST OF DAYS TRIOThe Smoothest of Days trio allows relaxation during the most stressful times. It provides a capacity for higher mental endurance (concentration) and, finally, gets rid of insomnia, allowing for a good night’s sleep. This trio allows you to be your best, calm, focused ..
ABOUT THE WORK IT! COMBOWork it! is the combo for you, whether you are a professional athlete, just starting to work out, or preparing for a demanding physical activity. Prometheus is ideal for anyone exercising, and Immuna-Santé is the best natural product for improving your immunity system. Th..
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