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Karden is a product which provides cardiovascular protection on a medium- and long-term level. Its effects are not immediate or radical, but slow and lasting. Karden is known for its beneficial effects on the heart and on general circulation.

The heart and Karden

Karden acts as a vasodilator on the coronary artery, which increases blood supply to the heart muscle therefore improving its oxygenation, nutrition and general activity. Karden has a diuretic effect, it eliminates water retention and thus lowers hypertension. High blood pressure cannot be cured, but it can be controlled. Normal blood pressure figures are 130/80 and below, these values were reached by people who have high blood pressure and have taken Karden.


(90 capsules per container)
Active ingredient per capsule

150mg Crataegus monogyna 2.2% flavonoids
50 mg Magnesium citrate
Non-medicinal ingredients
Hibiscus flower extract

For whom the product is intended

Karden is recommended for anyone regardless of age who suffers from hypertension and / or mild to moderate congestive heart failure (type I and II).

The main effects

Karden increases myocardial strength, protects the heart, regulates the heart rate and protects the heart muscle cells from damage. Karden also reduces nervousness and anxiety. For people with type I and II congestive heart failure, Karden improves exercise capacity, as well as exercise tolerance (improving endurance).

Karden decreases blood pressure and heart rate and improves the index of oxygen consumption by the heart and decreases the symptoms of shortness of breath and excessive tiredness.

Product administration

It is recommended to take 2 capsules, 3 times a day, preferably while eating.

Your heart’s health also depends on your lifestyle

There are two ways to control and manage your heart’s health: medication and lifestyle. Medication can help you control heart diseases and high blood pressure, but they can't cure them. A healthy lifestyle can help keep the use of medication to a minimum, reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure or suffering from heart disease. A healthy lifestyle involves regular physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight, managing stress, limited alcohol consumption as well as a healthy diet low in sodium, fat and sugars and rich in fruits and vegetables.

People with a fragile stomach

According to current studies, no negative effects have been reported. Since the product has a slightly acidic pH, we recommend administering Karden with food.

Keep in mind

Even if studies have not shown any toxic effects, we do not recommend administering the product to pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Interactions with other products/medication

A large clinical trial (2,600 subjects followed for 2 years) confirmed that the extract of Cratageus monogyna (Hawthorn) is safe and that it does not interfere with conventional medical treatments.

We would like to note that hypothetically, the effects of Hawthorn could be added to those of Foxglove purpurea and that of other plants having an effect on heart function.

Standardized Hawthorn extracts interact safely and beneficially with prescribed drugs for heart function. Rigorous medical supervision is advised. Digoxin is a derivative of Digitalis and a frequently administered heart drug, Hawthorn does not interfere with taking digoxin.


The diagnosis and treatment of heart problems requires the intervention of a health care professional due to the potential risk caused by these diseases. Cardiac disorders often require the administration of several drugs, the multiple interactions of which may require rigorous medical monitoring. Blood pressure can vary from time to time and changes in medication should be made under medical supervision. The use of the MAPA test will be of use in monitoring blood pressure for people with high blood pressure.


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