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Cervital A


Cervital A is a product formulated with natural extracts which acts on mental activity and mood. This product has been specially designed to improve mental alertness and psychological well- being.

Everyday stress

Our way of life can lead to mental fatigue. In a society where the demand for work performance is high and many of us are trying to find family- work balance, other stressors such as efforts to lose weight or stop smoking can be added.

Mental fatigue can lead to irritability, anxiety, headaches, compulsive behavior, memory loss, depression, insomnia, etc..


(60 capsules per container)
Active ingredient per capsule

250mg Gingko Biloba
Non-medicinal ingredients
Hibiscus flower extract

For whom the product is intended

Cervital A was designed for people exposed to psychological stress, suffering from chronic fatigue, early aging and / or performing mentally difficult tasks.

The main effects

Cervital A is known to relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue and improve physical and mental endurance. This product also improves arterial and cerebral circulation and fights the aging process.

Product administration

Cervital A can be taken by anyone aged 18 and over. Take 2 to 4 capsules per day, as soon as the first symptoms of stress appear or before they appear, in order to prepare for a time period known to be more stressful.

For maximum efficiency, we recommend taking the product for a minimum period of 6 weeks. Then, depending on your needs, take 1 capsule daily as a maintenance dose.


Consult a health care practitioner before taking Cervital A if you are taking products which may have an effect on blood clotting.

Keep out of the reach of children. Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Do not take the product if you suffer from allergies to any of its components.

When to avoid taking the product

According to our experience and according to the clinical and toxicological studies carried out, the product can be administered in any circumstance.

Individuals with fragile stomachs

After over six years of use, studies have not shown any negative effect in taking Cervital A for people with a fragile stomach.

If digestive reactions appear, then the product should taken at meal time.

Interactions with other

After conclusive observations and documented evidence, there is no clinically significant interaction or complications with other products.


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