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E.N. Biomedical Group is proud to offer a range of natural products of unparalleled quality and concentrations.


E.N. Biomedical Group was founded through the merger between the Laboratory JoanaBiomedical and E.N. Biomedical. Working with the laboratory, the E.N. Biomedical Group natural products are the result of extensive research on plant extracts. These high performance products have been specifically created to improve physical health in a safe and side-effect-free way.

E.N. Biomedical Group develops high performance products keeping in mind the welbeing of consumers. The creation of these products is born out of two related business activities, medical research and the private laboratory offering a full range of medical tests. Combining research and laboratory clients’ request, the need of treating diseases and symptoms in a safe manner, in an all-natural way and without side effects, the E.N. Biomedical products emerged.

The founders of E.N. Biomedical Group are clinical researchers in biochemistry, nutrition and cell biology. This team of dedicated professionals actively engaged in the study and research of the positive effects of plants as an alternative to pharmaceuticals and their impact on public health. The Group’s mission is to provide natural products of the highest quality for the general welbeing of all humans. Its objective is to create a link between traditional and natural medicine to provide an alternative to synthetic drugs composition.

Winnerimage of 5 Excellence Awards as of June 2014, the E.N. Biomedical Group has at its head Elena Haidet PhD. Elena Haidet established herself as a leader in the field of chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacology. Her work has been recognized by her peers as well as by the business community through her multiple awards and nominations. Co-founder of the E.N. Biomedical Group, her team of scientists and herself have been dedicated to combining scientific knowledge with the best nature has to offer. All that to create a full range of natural products that can reduce the use and even replace some medication, thus eclipsing any side effects while providing the same level of wellbeing.

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