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For over 25 years, the EN Biomedical Group has been dedicated to the creation of high quality natural products.
Your well-being has always been and will always remain our first priority.
Smoothest of Days is the perfect trio in case of sleep issues, anxiety and trouble concentrating during the day
Work It! increases the capacity of your immune system while helping you improve your physical performance and avoid injuries
Silky Skin is suggested in case of eye puffiness, to reduce or avoid the appearance of wrinkles and for beautiful, strong, healthy hair and nails
Healthy Sweetness will help you keep a healthy weight by getting rid of those unwanted sugar cravings
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Elena Haidet, Ph.D., has always been passionate about all aspects of healthcare. Founding the JoanaBiomedical Laboratory in 1999, she has diversified the company’s activities over the past twenty years, making it become the EN Biomedical Group.

The EN Biomedical group is now a clinical laboratory, a medical research institution and it also creates its own natural products.

Our team's core values being prevention, healing and excellence, the natural products have become a way to help our patients find an alternative to pharmaceutical products.